The Meaning Behind the Chakana


You might have noticed that the Chakana is a pretty prominent symbol in our store. Also known as the Andean Cross, Inca Cross, or Southern Cross, this shape was used throughout the Andes in South America to represent Ayni (reciprocity).

Traditionally, the Chakana represents the Southern Cross constellation, which can be seen from the Southern Hemisphere.  Since it is easy to find in the night sky, the peoples of the Andes used this constellation as a guide. In the Andean worldview, the Southern Cross was also though to be the centre of the Universe. 

The Chakana is a strong symbol of the ancient cultures of the Andes and is considered to be the most complete, holy, and geometric design created by the Incas. This symbol is often found in archaeological sites and holy centers in the Andes of Peru and Bolivia. The Chakana had, and continues to have, an important meaning for the peoples of the region.

Following this tradition, you can wear your Chakana as a reminder and a guide to promote reciprocity in all aspects of your life!